суббота, 22 октября 2011 г.


Today I finally manage to reach reflective bloq. It's problem for me because some day it is said that there is a mistake, impossible to download.
Let's begin from the very beginning on account of my missing tasks.
Week 1 - Firstly I learn much about Nicenet. I really like it for examining another people choice or opinion. After reading all numerous readings I write my reply on appropriate themes. This week I learn much about rules for discussions and giving academic replies. I think it's very useful.
Week 2 - Secondly I know about best search for info. I have chosen BBC News, because every day I look through them and write about BBC Special report for using in my class as listening activity.Then read very thoroughly Bloom's Taxonomy (method of classification on differing levels of higher order thinking) for cognitive objectives. This info is very interesting and probably use in teaching. Then I describe my class as project task.
Week 3 - Thirdly after learning info about Deliciuos I try to mark some preferable web links online. Now I use it very often and find it very convinient.
Then I like mostly  Project of Zlatka Dyankova, Bulgaria, because webquests enrich and enlarge student's speech, communication  abilities.
Week 4 - This week is refered to my favourite website www. Breaking News. There are so many lessons plans on different themes. During a year constantly I search any topic for listening or reading activities. The most significant of it is clear and detailed lesson with all its steps: warms up, prelistening, while listening or reading, after listening or reading, hometask, extra activities, writing tasks.
Then after reading lesson plans from the University of Tennessee I create a lesson on theme "Fashion Models' Danger" from downloaded material www. Breaking News especially for my class.
Something has wrong with it because my comment has dissapeared for several minutes that was close to my heart attack. I don't know what to do then it appeared as a draft. Really I am unlucky working with Reflective Bloq.
That's all for today
Best regards to everyone

воскресенье, 2 октября 2011 г.


It is obviously that in the frame of involving people in the process of getting knowledge of foreign language by using information communication technologies there have been opened the great opportunity before professional continuous development (CPD). There are plenty of ways to keep up your continuous professional development in ELT. If a number of these activities are combined into a planned, interlinked programme, with monitoring and evaluation, even if only by the teacher him or herself, there can be real, satisfying results for teachers wishing to keep up and improve their professional development.
In addition, it’s good if a teacher can keep up to date on relevant literature, theory and practice; have thoughts on their own role as a change agent; and keep developing.
It is known Teacher Training can be seen as the process of equipping an individual with the means to carry out the job of teaching. This is normally done by means of a course of training that presents the individual with a series of skills that meet the requirements of different aspects of teaching. In the specific field of language teaching, these would consist of skills and techniques to teach grammar, lexis, pronunciation, reading, writing, listening and speaking, plus the more general skills involved in classroom management.
For the most part it is fair to say that Teacher Training is a process that comes from "outside" – from a course and from a trainer or group of trainers. Teacher Development, on the other hand, comes from within the individual and requires a commitment from that individual to move forward in some way as a teacher.