четверг, 1 декабря 2011 г.

course comment

Now I'd like to write my own course comment.
During these 10 weeks we have to work hard in order to reach our goals and be in time. We face challenges and failures however we do not give up. We use our previous experience and knowledge to try again and again in exploring web technologies. We have learned many things, I can hardly enumerate all of them, but I try to highlight the most useful for using in my classroom: web quests, rubrics, hot potatoes, PPP, crosswords, Jeopardy game, hyper studio etc. If I am not succeeding in creating interactive online exercises I know that next time I will avoid these mistakes and do my best.
First of all, I think that the web course brings us only benefits. We can have access to the latest web news, technologies, scientific inventions, etc. Another important benefit is that the web tools are a great means of education. A few years ago it was rather difficult to imagine that it would be possible to teach people from all around the world. People have the opportunity to communicate with the people from other countries, find out their opinions, for instance experts from prestigious Oregon University, ask their opinions and extend your range of interests and develop your teaching both web experience and online knowledge. I think that it makes our world smaller and friendlier.
The most successful tools for my teaching are Google+ site with Voice board. I've got the chance to learn more about ANVILL and other web tools that I have never heard before and never used. But now I create for my students our own Google+ site.
Further I am going to gain more knowledge about Voice board and explore it.
I am so grateful to Robert for his thoroughly organized classes and well-developed readings.
So I strongly recommend everybody to take part in web course.
Best wishes
Roza Zhussupova
To sum up these wonderful 10 weeks course bring me wisdom and new experience.

comment week 10

I can hardly believe that our web course comes to end. Now I am used to live and work in such a dynamic and info-fulled way. Surely I will miss Robert's tasks, readings, postings, comments,  and of course Jupiter grades.
This week the most difficut task is evaluate our own LoTi levels. As for me now my level is Level 3 – Infusion. As a result of this level we use Google+ site for our additional tasks out of classroom activities to write a cultural survey, to write a webquest about their healthy lifestyle, to listen to Youtube lecture with further posting comments, to solve a problem so that to engage students in English learning process.
Next semester I am going to conduct a lecture "Modern web techniques" so I imply all received knowledges in my classroom. Moreover it engages my  students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using Google+ site and VB.

To sum up I hope in a year I will achieve Level 4a - mechanical that requires higher levels of student cognitive processing.
Finally web modern technology has a great impact on the way people live now. It is creating a new single world culture where traditions and distances are no longer of that importance.

comment week 10

It's hardly to believe that our web course comes to end. I am used to work in this dynamic and involved way. I think I will miss our week tasks, readings and Juputer grades. Definitely all classmates do a great job due to our instructor, ROBERT! From my everyday web experience and observation I come to the conclusion that our present experiences from Robert’s course become valuable lessons for the future.  Moreover we increase our LoTi level. As for me many web sites teach me very valuable lessons. We've got the chance to learn more about ANVILL and other web tools that I have never heard before and never used. But now I gain more knowledge about Voice board and explore it for my students in own Google+ site. So now my level is 3 and in a year I hope to reach level 4a,b.

понедельник, 28 ноября 2011 г.

Comment week 9

OH, REALLY! Speaking honestly this week was very daunting and stunning. Hence I can hardly find time to complete my final project report and do tasks on this week. Finally after sending a report I begin to analyze several points may be better in some way. So I think this project may be corrected and enhance constantly during its approbation. And definitely it will be perfect as a result.
Generally my project’s aim is to improve students’ fear of mistakes through integrating online communicative activities that promote ‘whole-task online practice'. My group made up our mind to create a class blog on Google+ first and then Voiceboards. They explain me that when they pronounce their thoughts and deliver them to communicator as quick as possible online they never think of mistakes. So if we do it often and involved this feeling may disappear.
As a practical tasks this week I prepare them some interactive online exercises - PPP Crossword, Web survey, Webquest. Additionally I propose them to listen to Youtube lecture "How to lead healthy lifestyle" and post comments to ech other.
Besides this week we should understand the meaning of word combination “learning styles”. What does it mean in general?   As to my teaching, I try to use as many learning styles as I can. Of course, it depends on time. Because of having only four academic hours per week, we can’t use all types. Regardless of not having enough time, we constantly use auditory and visual learning style. Dialogs and texts help us to fill up our vocabulary. We develop and improve our visual memory by means of making the presentations dedicated to different interesting themes. Last time due to Robert’s course I have become an innovative person and make my students follow me. I joined “Google +” that is a  social networking and identity service operated by Google Inc. With the help of this Web site all students of FL-26 will be aware of everything. Firstly, I throw new information off on my blog then it will available for everyone without an exception. It’s one of the most suitable ways of studying combining all types of learning styles.
On Sunday I have completed a course evalution. I like it.
That's all for this web skills intended week
Roza Zhussupova

воскресенье, 20 ноября 2011 г.

Comment week 8

Hi, Robert!
I really realize this week “the more we learn, the less we know”. Undoubtedly I think this week is also very productive and efficient. We have known a huge amount of new web tools for improving English language teaching. 
Firstly the first part of this week I was so busy with finishing draft of my project. Then I sent it to Feliphe R. for peer reviewing.
Secondly I tried to find time to read and enlarge my knowledge from Robert’s readings. No doubt all materials definitely are well organized and structured and easy to explore in depth. I can’t tear myself away from clicking and submerging from one site to another or being involved in PDF readings. 
Then we have discussed with my group all possible tools and they have chosen Blogger and Voiceboards. As a result I have created Google + where I add my new photo and profile. Besides I invite Robert, my colleagues,   my students to my blog.But now I am still busy with using VB on my blog so that to promote individual, student to teacher communication. It promotes students wonderful opportunity to create meaningful, mobile, personal learning environments. Mostly VB is available for students' voice recording that is the goal of my final project - to improve students' fear of mistakes.
My class website: ID URL

Today I add
Crossword Puzzle to use exersises online. Tomorrow I ask students' feedback about all tools. To sum up 
I hope we make good use of Robert's knowledge and obviously all these tools are time consuming both for a teacher and students.
Finally I write my feedback of this week to my blog and lately going to read and respond to somebody's blog.
That's all for today
Welcome your comments
Roza Zhusupova

суббота, 12 ноября 2011 г.

Comment week 7

This week is very productive for me.
Firstly I have learnt many readings about One Computer Classroom that give outstanding strategies for involving students in such condition.
Secondly mostly I want to point out from 7 Categories of Classroom Computer how to Use precisely Issues, the specific topic - Software. It is written in "Week 7 Discussion: One Computer Options". I was amazingly surprised by Roger Wagner's HyperStudio5. I listen to 2 girls of 6th grade about the layers of the Earth. I think it's not only cognitive task but motivating one. Because students learn to create their own podcasts that have more practical achievements. When students do it in their way the significance of their knowledge is doubled.
Then I create one more interactive PPP with Webquest on theme "Gladiators" with 
slides about definitions and history of gladiators. Moreover I attach for downloading here a lecture from Youtube.
Then from Zunal WebQuest Maker I include tasks of process from Ancient Rome Web Quest for giving a project instructions and organising team work for this project. Teacher evalutes them according to appropriate list.
The purpose of this WebQuest is to teach students how to work collaboratively together, to research pertinent information for a group project, to help student develop critical thinking and writing skills, and to implement social and behavior skills as well.  At the end of this lesson, students will know quite a lot about Ancient Rome, its people, and its civilization.

Fourthly I propose my own lesson with using one computer in the classroom. Objective: revision of grammar and listening to BBC NEWS - Tutankhamun was killed by malaria. Students learn new key vocabulary form authentic material and answer the questions about new scientific discovery. After that the group of 10 students are divided into 2 subgroups and begin to compete playing grammar games on the computer.
What's on top of this week is amasing task for seeking a partner. I never do such a task. It's quite new and I think interactive. My partner is Felipe Rodriguez.
To sum up I can conclude this week is very busy and useful. I imply all mentioned activities in my classroom.


воскресенье, 6 ноября 2011 г.

Week 6

This week I am busy searching as usual this all 6 weeks in what way can I find access to any link so that to write amy comment. But this week I can find access to Google+ finally. Moreover I can send this comment. I think this week teaches me a lot.
Firstly I download all Robert's readings and learn them.
Secondly I create my own interactive Power Point Presentation on theme "Fashion".  Now I try to insert it here but unlucky. I send my presentation to Robert by our wiki.
The most prominent link is youtube jeopardy game. I like it so much that my PPP is jeopardy game on testing lesson for 50 minutes. I do it on Wednesday, 02/11/2011. Soon I send Robert my photo of this lesson.
My PPP is composed in 20 questions on all units that we learnt: Mirror images, Model behaviour, Fashion Trends, Good look. This PPP has an excellent opportunity to check students' knowledge - grammar and lexical points, slang, key vocabulary - we have learnt .
Students are so active and try to choose question with high score, because it motivates them to be a winner.
Thirdly I think about my final project. But I don't know exactly can I take a lexical theme "health.healthy lifestyle', or improving students' fear making mistakes.
As for me I confuse.
Please give me advice.