воскресенье, 6 ноября 2011 г.

Week 6

This week I am busy searching as usual this all 6 weeks in what way can I find access to any link so that to write amy comment. But this week I can find access to Google+ finally. Moreover I can send this comment. I think this week teaches me a lot.
Firstly I download all Robert's readings and learn them.
Secondly I create my own interactive Power Point Presentation on theme "Fashion".  Now I try to insert it here but unlucky. I send my presentation to Robert by our wiki.
The most prominent link is youtube jeopardy game. I like it so much that my PPP is jeopardy game on testing lesson for 50 minutes. I do it on Wednesday, 02/11/2011. Soon I send Robert my photo of this lesson.
My PPP is composed in 20 questions on all units that we learnt: Mirror images, Model behaviour, Fashion Trends, Good look. This PPP has an excellent opportunity to check students' knowledge - grammar and lexical points, slang, key vocabulary - we have learnt .
Students are so active and try to choose question with high score, because it motivates them to be a winner.
Thirdly I think about my final project. But I don't know exactly can I take a lexical theme "health.healthy lifestyle', or improving students' fear making mistakes.
As for me I confuse.
Please give me advice.

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  1. Hi Roza
    I think you should be choosing improving students fear of mistakes. Online environments often make this fear a bit less intimidating.

  2. Hello!, Roza.
    How are you doing.
    I agree with Robert, but do not ,we all are learnig. Some days ago ,i did not know nothing about blog and others tools used on this online webskill course, but i explored . Go ahead you can. Working together is better.

  3. Thanks a lot for your comments!
    Now I really realise the meaning of the proverbs "the more we learn, the less we know".
    Every week of webskills courses is very isteresting and involving.
    Now I am busy with creating Voiceboard on my blog.