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Comment week 8

Hi, Robert!
I really realize this week “the more we learn, the less we know”. Undoubtedly I think this week is also very productive and efficient. We have known a huge amount of new web tools for improving English language teaching. 
Firstly the first part of this week I was so busy with finishing draft of my project. Then I sent it to Feliphe R. for peer reviewing.
Secondly I tried to find time to read and enlarge my knowledge from Robert’s readings. No doubt all materials definitely are well organized and structured and easy to explore in depth. I can’t tear myself away from clicking and submerging from one site to another or being involved in PDF readings. 
Then we have discussed with my group all possible tools and they have chosen Blogger and Voiceboards. As a result I have created Google + where I add my new photo and profile. Besides I invite Robert, my colleagues,   my students to my blog.But now I am still busy with using VB on my blog so that to promote individual, student to teacher communication. It promotes students wonderful opportunity to create meaningful, mobile, personal learning environments. Mostly VB is available for students' voice recording that is the goal of my final project - to improve students' fear of mistakes.
My class website: ID URL

Today I add
Crossword Puzzle to use exersises online. Tomorrow I ask students' feedback about all tools. To sum up 
I hope we make good use of Robert's knowledge and obviously all these tools are time consuming both for a teacher and students.
Finally I write my feedback of this week to my blog and lately going to read and respond to somebody's blog.
That's all for today
Welcome your comments
Roza Zhusupova

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