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Comment week 9

OH, REALLY! Speaking honestly this week was very daunting and stunning. Hence I can hardly find time to complete my final project report and do tasks on this week. Finally after sending a report I begin to analyze several points may be better in some way. So I think this project may be corrected and enhance constantly during its approbation. And definitely it will be perfect as a result.
Generally my project’s aim is to improve students’ fear of mistakes through integrating online communicative activities that promote ‘whole-task online practice'. My group made up our mind to create a class blog on Google+ first and then Voiceboards. They explain me that when they pronounce their thoughts and deliver them to communicator as quick as possible online they never think of mistakes. So if we do it often and involved this feeling may disappear.
As a practical tasks this week I prepare them some interactive online exercises - PPP Crossword, Web survey, Webquest. Additionally I propose them to listen to Youtube lecture "How to lead healthy lifestyle" and post comments to ech other.
Besides this week we should understand the meaning of word combination “learning styles”. What does it mean in general?   As to my teaching, I try to use as many learning styles as I can. Of course, it depends on time. Because of having only four academic hours per week, we can’t use all types. Regardless of not having enough time, we constantly use auditory and visual learning style. Dialogs and texts help us to fill up our vocabulary. We develop and improve our visual memory by means of making the presentations dedicated to different interesting themes. Last time due to Robert’s course I have become an innovative person and make my students follow me. I joined “Google +” that is a  social networking and identity service operated by Google Inc. With the help of this Web site all students of FL-26 will be aware of everything. Firstly, I throw new information off on my blog then it will available for everyone without an exception. It’s one of the most suitable ways of studying combining all types of learning styles.
On Sunday I have completed a course evalution. I like it.
That's all for this web skills intended week
Roza Zhussupova

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